Inkwell Ideas - Map Software & Other Aids

Inkwell Ideas has developed three key apps to assist in building a diverse world.  Worldographer (AKA Hexographer 2), Cityographer and Dungeonographer.  A great value with some fantastic options and excellent auto population features for NPC’s.


ProFantasy - Map Software

ProFantasy has an entire suite of software dedicated to creating worlds, cities and dungeons.  Although a bit pricey, the software is very detailed and puts the creative control at your fingertips to immerse your players in a diverse world.


Inkarnate - Map Software

This is a really nice online based software with a Pro version at $5 a month or $25 a year.  Make your World, Kingdom and Cities in great detail.  In order to get off to a good start, I would recommend watching a YouTube video or two.  


Wonderdraft - Map Software

This software is available on a one time purchase of $29.99.  It looks pretty good and many images of user work can be found on the official reddit for Wonderdraft.  

donjon - World Generators & Other Aids

Free is a very good price!  Generators for Worlds, Towns, Names, Dungeons, Treasure, Weather, Encounters, Quests, NPC’s and many more.  There are spell sheets, initiative trackers and other helpful items.

Kassoon - World Generators & Other Aids

More free generators and aids.  Generators for Worlds, Towns, Names, Dungeons, Homes, Traps, Encounters, Magic Items, Backstories and many more.  There are many other helpful tools.

Wizardawn - World Generators & Other Aids

Here you go, even more free stuff.  Generators for Worlds, Towns, Names, Dungeons, Potions, Treasure, Encounters, Gear and many more.  There are many other helpful tools.


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